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Booking terms and conditions

By making a payment to book one of our services, via the website or any method whatsoever, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree with the following booking and cancellation terms and conditions, payment methods, treatment agreement provisions, price terms and conditions, guarantees, liabilities and dispute resolution procedure.

By making a reservation you also agree with the relevant cancellation and no-show terms and conditions and all additional terms and conditions that may apply to your treatment or stay at Wellness Kliniek Barcelona.

Reservation terms and conditions


Consultations on Saturday, consultations for Botox and fillers, consultations for dental treatment and a stomach operation must always be paid in advance. Payment can be made via the website.


The total cost of your treatment consists of a reservation cost and the remaining amount.

Payment options:

  • Online via the website: You can quickly and easily make your reservation via our 'Online Reservation' on our website. You can select the date of your procedure online.
  • In cash or bank card: You have the possibility to reserve your surgery date immediately after the consultation with your treating physician.
    Please note that in compliance with the Belgian law, we can only accept a maximum of €2.500 in cash. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and bank cards. 


You can pay the remaining amount up to the day itself. We require your full, confirmed payment before the procedure. The reservation cost is deducted from the total cost of your procedure. Your treatment can only take place after we have received the full amount due for your treatment.

Payment options:

  • Online via the website: By means of a payment request you can quickly and easily pay the remaining amount for your procedure via our 'Online Reservation' on our website.
  • Cash on the day of your operation
    Important! Please note that in compliance with the law, we can only accept a maximum of €2.500 of the total amount of the procedure in cash.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Bancontact or Maestro
    Important! Your bank may apply a daily spending limit! If, for one reason or another, the payment cannot be made, the operation or treatment cannot take place and cancellation costs will apply.


Cancellation terms and conditions


Your payment is non-refundable. You can reschedule your consultation - up to 24 hours before the appointment - without incurring any additional costs. Please contact the appointments desk by telephone to do so or go to our website.

The Wellness Kliniek reserves the right to cancel the consultation after a 30-minute no-show and automatically charge the reservation cost as cancellation cost.


Reservation costs are non-refundable. You can reschedule your operation/treatment - up to one week before the appointment - without incurring any additional costs. Please contact the appointments desk by telephone to do so or go to our website.

Check in on time the day of your treatment. The Wellness Kliniek reserves the right to cancel the operation after a 30-minute no-show and automatically charge the reservation cost as a cancellation cost.

Check in at the desk with the person accompanying you, who will collect you after the procedure. This person must be a responsible adult aged over 18. The Wellness Kliniek Barcelona reserves the right to cancel your operation in the event of the accompanying person's no-show and automatically charge the reservation cost as a cancellation cost.


Your reservation cost is non-refundable, unless you or the doctor pulls out of the operation after the consultation at the Wellness Kliniek Barcelona. You can reschedule your appointment - up to one week before the appointment - without incurring any additional costs. Please contact the appointments desk by telephone to do so.

Your operation or treatment can only be definitively confirmed or cancelled following a personal consultation with the doctor. If, following the consultation at the Wellness Kliniek  Barcelona, you or your doctor pulls out of the operation or treatment, you will receive full reimbursement of the reservation cost of your operation. You only pay the cost of the consultation.

Doctors reserve the right not to allow an operation to go ahead. If your doctor, surgeon or anaesthetist decides not to perform the operation, because your health does not allow it, you will be reimbursed the cost of your operation. Additional and/or personal costs incurred, such as medical preliminary examinations, travel and accommodation expenses, etc. are always borne by the patient.

Small print to be read before you make your reservation


You are entitled to honest and complete information. You will receive this information from the doctor during the initial consultation, which always precedes any treatment. The doctor will provide you with unambiguous and complete information about the treatment, options related to the treatment, any side-effects, the expected result, recovery period and aftercare necessary or desired, the medication, potential complications, risks and the costs.

The doctor expects you to provide honest information and answers related to the reasons why you want to undergo a procedure. He/she expects you to be open about your expectations with regard to the end result and provide truthful and complete information about any medication you are taking, your medical history and the condition of your health.

By signing the treatment agreement the patient acknowledges that all the terms and conditions related to the provision of information have been met and that he or she understands and agrees to this information. If you are of the opinion that you have not been adequately informed in a timely or comprehensible manner, we advise you not to grant your consent for the scheduled treatment.

You can request an additional, free consultation with your surgeon or other doctor at the Wellness Kliniek Barcelona for a second opinion at any time. It is important that you look forward to your procedure with confidence and only then make a reservation for your treatment.



Medical error: Doctors are liable for any damage suffered by a patient as the result of the doctor's failure to respect his/her obligations stated in the treatment agreement.

Medical accident: WKSP CLINICA, S.L. - and the treating doctors cannot be held liable, under any contractual and/or non-contractual clause whatsoever, for damage resulting from a medical accident that manifests during the procedure or during the aftercare period, which is always deemed, by the treating surgeon and the Kliniek, to be a state of force majeure. Damage resulting from a medical accident is understood to be damage that is not the result of a medical error (examples include complications, unexpected complications) in accordance with scientific understanding at the time the damage occurs.

WKSP CLINICA, S.L. - the company that supplies the infrastructure where the doctors can practise their profession is not party to the treatment agreement between the doctor and the patient.


If the patient considers the doctor to have failed to comply with the treatment agreement, and does not demonstrate this via the courts, he/she could be held financially liable for the damage he/she causes to the reputation of the doctor and the Wellness Kliniek, including any damage caused by slander, on the Internet or via any media platform.

The patient has a duty of care to his/her property and must take the necessary measures to prevent any damage or losses to his/her personal possessions. The Wellness Kliniek Barcelona cannot be held liable for damage or losses of personal possessions suffered by the patient or the person accompanying him or her.



Breast implant manufacturers provide a ten-year warranty if a prosthesis ruptures. The warranty means that, if your prosthesis ruptures, and this is proven by an MRI report, the manufacturer will offer a single free replacement prosthesis, in the same size and same material, during this period.

The Wellness Kliniek Barcelona provides a special, additional warranty for breast enlargements using Monobloc Silicone SoftOne breast prostheses by Laboratoires Arion. The warranty means that if a prosthesis ruptures, and this is proven in an MRI report, the Wellness Kliniek guarantees two free replacement protheses, in the same, original size and material, as well as the costs of the related, second operation in the Wellness Kliniek during a period of 3 years.

The Wellness Kliniek Barcelona also offers a special, additional warranty for breast enlargements using Monobloc Hydrogel breast protheses by the Label Laboratoires Arion. This warranty covers 2 free replacement protheses in the original size and material as well as the costs of the related re-operation at the Wellness Kliniek during a period of 1 year if the rupture of one of the protheses is proven by an MRI report.


As a result of unexpected complications - such as rejection, infection or encapsulation - it may be necessary to remove one or two breast prostheses. The removal of breast prostheses as a result of a complication is part of our aftercare and does not involve any costs for the patient.  If, after their removal, you want new breast implants, you only pay the net price of the implants. The Wellness Kliniek offers you the related operation free of charge.


The Wellness Kliniek Barcelona offers a wide range of surgical and dental treatments. You can find an indication on our website. A personal consultation with one of our doctors or dentists is extremely important for us to be able to provide an exact price for your treatment.

We offer you a two-month price guarantee from the date of your intake consultation. After this period, we reserve the right to apply price changes.

The medical care and aftercare provided at the Wellness Kliniek Barcelona are included in the price.

External examinations, care (such as radiological examinations, heart and blood analyses, unexpected admission in a general hospital, medical and surgical treatments, special bandages, bras, physiotherapy, pharmacy costs, etc.), are not included and shall be borne by the patient.  Additional (external) care is often reimbursed by your healthcare insurer. Are you a member of the EU? If so, bring your EHIC card with you to Belgium. You cannot use the EHIC card at the Wellness Kliniek, but it may be useful in the case of any external costs. The EHIC healthcare card enables you to reclaim the costs for any external admissions and external costs according to the rules.


Quality is important before, during and after your treatment. This is why the doctors at the Wellness Kliniek adhere to a formal quality system in accordance with the EN 15224 standard.

Complaints related to the implementation of the treatment agreement should be written clearly and comprehensively and sent to the doctor/surgeon who performed your treatment. You can e-mail your correspondence to your treating physician /doctor at: You can also contact your doctor by post: Doctor's name, Wellness Kliniek Barcelona, Calle Marconi 72, Rubí, 08091. Barcelona. España. 

Submitted complaints will be answered within ten working days from the date of receipt. If it is anticipated that a complaint will take longer to process, the doctor or his/her quality manager will reply immediately with a confirmation of receipt and an indication of the duration within which a more detailed response can be expected.

If the complaint cannot be resolved by mutual consultation it constitutes a dispute that is subject to the judgement.

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08191 Rubí - Sant Cugat, Barcelona
VAT B67609941


Privacy Statement

WKSP CLINICA, S.L. complies in every respect with applicable laws and regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

WKSP CLINICA, S.L. is responsible for processing your personal data. If, after reading our privacy statement, you have any related or general questions, or wish to contact us, please use the following contact details:

Calle Marconi 72, 08191 Rubí - Sant Cugat


WKSP CLINICA, S.L. processes your personal data, other information and files for the following purposes and legal grounds:

  • To be able to contact you by telephone;
  • To communicate with you in writing (by e-mail and/or post);
  • To be able to send newsletters, satisfaction surveys and e-books;
  • To facilitate use of the agenda management system (‘AXENDA’);
  • To compile your medical file.

Moreover, WKSP CLINICA, S.L. may use your personal data when implementing a contract agreed with you, usually involving aesthetic and/or medical services.

We only use the data collected for the purposes for which we obtain it.

All medical info you supply to us is processed in-house and not shared with third parties, under reservation of the medical team working at WKSP CLINICA, S.L.


WKSP CLINICA, S.L. only shares your personal data with third parties required to implement the contract agreed with you, or to comply with a legal obligation.

The data you supply to us in the context of fulfilling a contract may be shared with third parties. Depending on the contract, we may use a third party for: online payments (EU), management of the server environment (EU), domain names and SSL certificates (EU), the supply of IT infrastructure (EU), bookkeeping (EU) and the supply (and distribution) of newsletters and invitations (Mailchimp, GDPR Compliant, outside of the EU).

We may also share your personal data with third parties if you grant (written) consent for us to do so. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without it detracting from the legality of any processing before you withdraw consent.


The WKSP CLINICA, S.L. website retains general visitor data, including your computer’s IP address and the time of the retrieval and data your browser sends. This data is used to analyse visitor and click behaviour on the website. WKSP CLINICA, S.L. uses this information to improve the way the website works. The data is made anonymous as much as possible and may be shared with direct subcontractors of WKSP CLINICA, S.L. It is not supplied to other parties.


WKSP CLINICA, S.L. uses Google Analytics to keep track of how users use the website and how effective Wellness Kliniek's AdWords advertisements are on Google search result pages.

Therefore, the information obtained, including your computer’s address (IP address) is transferred to and stored by Google on servers in the United States (=outside the EU). Read Google’s privacy policy for more details, where you will also find the privacy policy related to Google Analytics.

Google uses this information to monitor how our website is used, to compile reports about the Wellness Kliniek's website.


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How do we use cookies?

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You have the right to consult, correct or have your data erased at any time. We may ask you to prove your identity before we are able to comply with these requests. You can send a request to consult, correct or have your data erased to WELLNESS KLINIEK will process your request as quickly as possible.

You can also object to (oppose) your personal data (or part thereof) being processed by us or by one of our processors.


The WKSP CLINICA S.L. takes the protection of your data extremely seriously and applies suitable measures to safeguard against its misuse, loss, unauthorised access, accidental publication and unauthorised changes.

Any person that has access to your personal data on behalf of WKSP CLINICA S.L. is bound by strict confidentiality.

  • We adopt a user name and password policy for all our systems.
  • We use pseudonymisation and ensure personal data is encrypted if necessary.
  • We make backups of personal data to be able to restore it in the event of physical or technical incidents.
  • We regularly test and evaluate our measures.

If you feel that your data is not properly secure or there are indications it is being misused, or if you would like more information about the security of the personal data collected by WKSP CLINICA S.L., please contact us via


If you have a complaint related to the processing of your personal data, we kindly request you contact us directly at the e-mail address provided above. You are entitled to submit a complaint at any time to the data protection regulatory authority in Barcelona.


WKSP CLINICA S.L. reserves the right to change this privacy statement. Please take the time to consult the privacy statement. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Change Clinic

Attention: A user account is linked to 1 clinic. When you create a user account for the Belgian clinic in Genk, for example, you cannot use this account to log in to the Spanish clinic in Barcelona. In that case you have to create a new account.